About Vector

Vector Inc. provides Online Games for PC, Smartphone. Also, we operate the largest software download website "Vector" in all of Japan.

Online Game Business

Vector Inc. operates online games for PC, and online games for Smartphone. The games are mainly operated on our game portal website or provided by "App Store" and "Google Play".
"Google Play" is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc..
"App Store" is a service mark of Apple Inc..

Online Games for PC


The Company, a portal site in the "VectorGame", to offer and download games to enjoy by connecting to the Internet by installing the software dedicated to a PC, the browser game play with only browser software of the Internet without having to install special software available to you.

Online Games for Smartphone

Arcana Magia
The smartphone online games, make localized in the domestic game developed abroad, the Company has provided to the user. We will go to provide a game compelling apps taking advantage of the know-how and management that have made the PC for games, the strengths of our company.

Software Sales Business

The software sales business, business agency of the PC software download sales and download sales for the PC software in our site.

Library Service

As the largest software download site in Japan, Vector Inc. keeps updating the newest information and articles about software. The total number of software download exceeded 2 billion.

Vector PC Shop Service

"Vector PC Shop" sells various PC software downloads. The services includes, popular security software, utility software, business related software, and game software.

Efficient Advertisement on Vector’s Website

We are provides means for businesses to advertise on and through our website. There is the "Impression Advertisements" which mainly consists of advertisement through banners on the main site. This advertisement is designed to catch the eye of users who are looking to acquire software. Presently, many businesses and advertisement agencies are using this service to great efficiency. Also, in addition to "Impression Advertisements," we offer "Listing Advertisements," an option for effectively presenting content-related listings to our website’s users.

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