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Notice Regarding Additional Issue of Shareholder’s Preferential Treatment Tickets


At its Board of Directors meeting held on August 27, 2009, Vector Inc. (“the Company”) decided to issue additional shareholder’s preferential treatment tickets, as described below.

■Reason for the additional issue of shareholder’s preferential treatment tickets
The Company introduced the preferential treatment system for shareholders in May 2009 to reward our shareholders for their constant support, and provide the users of the Company’s services, or our major supporters, with the opportunity to experience its browser game service free of charge so that they feel closer to the Company.
However, for the current term, the first implementation year of the shareholder preferential treatment system, there was a problem with the timing of this system, considering that the browser game service was launched in April, the shareholder preferential treatment system was introduced in May and eligible shareholders are those registered as of the end of March.

To solve this problem and provide more people with the opportunity to use this shareholder preferential treatment system, the Company will, for this term only, issue additional shareholder’s preferential treatment tickets and give them to shareholders registered as of September 30.

Details of the shareholder preferential treatment system
Eligible shareholders For the current term only, eligible shareholders shall be those who are registered on the list of shareholders as of September 30 (normally, March 31 of each year) and hold at least one share of the Company.

■Details of the shareholder preferential treatment
The Company will present eligible shareholders with a 5,000-yen worth ticket that can be used in the browser game service it operates, in accordance the standards below. With the ticket, users can play the RPG game Dragon Crusade, whose service was formally started in April 2009 and has since then gained in popularity. Details will be posted on the Company’s website.

■Standards for this time’s presentation
Number of shareholdings as of September 30, 2009
Details of the presentation
At least one share
A 5,000-yen worth ticket for the browser game service will be given to all eligible shareholders.
(Expiry date: March 31, 2010)

■Presentation period
This time, the Company plans to present the ticket early in December 2009 to shareholders on the shareholder record as of September 30, 2009.

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