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Information About Listing of“JASDAQ-TOP20 ETF”


“JASDAQ-TOP20 ETF” was approved for listing, which Vector Inc. is a part of.

Vector Inc. is in a new growth period now, which has online game business in addition to the software sales business as the core businesses in the company. The market is also in the new period, as social games and smartphones are widespread now.
Vector Inc. as a company approved to be part of “JASDAQ-TOP20 ETF”would be more passionate in further development for our investors and customers.

[About “JASDAQ-TOP20 ETF”]
It is a exchange traded fund which is coupled with the twenty brands of the New JASDAQ called “JASDAQ-TOP20,” started since October 12, 2010 when the Osaka Securities Exchange and the previous JASDAQ were integrated.
For more details of “JASDAQ-TOP20”ETF, please visit Osaka Securities Exchange Website

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