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Earnings Results Briefing for the First Quarter Ended June 30, 2011


Outline of Business Results

Business year ending in March 2012
1st quarter
Business year ending in March 2011
1st quarter
Operating revenues 1,047,348,000yen 885,462,000yen
Operating income 90,150,000yen 100,845,000yen
Ordinary profit 93,205,000yen 103,228,000yen
Net income after income taxes for the (current) quarter period 51,526,000yen 59,001,000yen

Business Results

For the current first quarter account period, the Company recorded operating revenues of 1,047,348,000 yen, and for profits, the Company earned operating income of 90,150,000 yen, ordinary profit of 93,205,000 yen, and net income before income taxes of 88,396,000 yen.
As a result, net income after income taxes was 51,526,000 yen for the current first quarter account period, which is a recovery from the previous quarter.

Online Game Business

The online game business, which the Company focuses on as a new management pillar, increased sales to 768,610,000 yen for the current first quarter account period, 41.0% increase from the same quarter period of the previous year. The online game business is now 73.4% of the total operating revenue.
As for the traditional online games (MMORPG), we are now operating eleven titles as of the first quarter. “Finding Neverland Online” was released on April 2011 made a tremendous sales record. In addition to strong showing of “Sangoku Heros,” “Angelic Crest” and “SOULALIVE ONLINE,” they made over 60% of the online game business sales, and strongly contributed to the sales recovery. The mobile game business beginning August 2009 has twelve titles now including “Koiken!” as of this quarter. The mobile games are mostly operated through mobile SNS sites. Although the games are self-developed, as the mobile game market is becoming more competitive by coming of new famous games, our mobile business is facing a difficult time. Browser games those are operated under our game platform “Browser Game Time” we have are eleven titles as of this quarter. “Dragon Crusade II” was released, yet, as their performances are lower than traditional online games and losing its steam, the needs of traditional online games are increasing.

Software Sales Business

Sales from the software sales business during the current first quarter were 241,487,000 yen. Among these, those from the Pro Regi service were 208,421,000 yen. Software download sales are rapidly decreasing: despite of the needs of anti-virus software needs, the consumers’ attention to computer software is decreasing which become as the difficulty in acquiring new customers. Additionally, sales from the download-sales total support service were 25,079,000 yen.

Website Advertisement Business

Sales from the website advertisement business were 36,252,000 yen, which is 2.6% increase from the same quarter period of the previous year. Among them, those from keyword advertisements (listing advertisement) accounted for almost 42.9% and led the website advertisement sales business.

Other Businesses

Sales from other businesses totaled 998,000 yen, which is 21.4% decrease from the same quarter period of the previous year. 33.9% was sales from the membership-based blog service for individuals, and others are the entrusted operation service of other companies’servers.

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