IR Policy

Our basic policy in IR (investor relations) is to provide all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, with information on our management policies, business strategies, and financial information in a simple, fair, and accurate manner to gain the trust and understanding of shareholders and investors.

Basic Position on Disclosure

We strive to disclose information in a timely and proper manner according to the Securities Exchange Law, other relevant laws and ordinances, as well as the timely disclosure regulations set forth by the Stock Exchange, and to provide every market participant with equal access to important information that my affect investment decisions.

Future trends

A part of information presented on this website consists of descriptions of future business results. These descriptions are obviously not a guarantee of future results and necessarily include risk and uncertainty factors. Please keep in mind that future trends are possibly different from actual results due to market changes and the like.

Response to Third-Party Communications Regarding the Company

The Company’s policy is not to comment on or support the distribution of various information originating from third-party sources, such as evaluation and earnings forecasts relating to the Company. However, the Company does disseminate information to correct errors or convey accurate information where it adjudges third-party communications to contain clear errors that have a significant impact on the capital markets.

Improvement of Communication

We make it a point to communicate directly with our shareholders and investors at seminars held as the need arises and by responding to routine inquiries.

Requests and appraisals received from shareholders and investors are used not only to improve the management of our organization, but also are shared throughout our company to improve our services and business performance.

Quiet Period

Vector Inc. observes a quiet period of approximately two weeks prior to the announcement of earnings results to prevent divulging earnings information and to ensure equality. Please note that during this quiet period, we cannot make any comments, or answer any questions, on earnings results, or hold any individual meetings or company seminars. If any incident that arises during a quiet period is subject to timely disclosure, however, we will properly disclose the information according to the timely disclosure regulations.

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