Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information by Vector

  • Modification of the Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection (Mar. 25, 2008) Certain expressions in the Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection have been modified.
  • Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection
  • Handling of personal information on Vector’s website
  • Procedure for disclosure of personal information
  • Handling of personal information of each service

Personal Information Protection Policy

Vector Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Vector”) acknowledges that the appropriate protection of the information of customers, business partners, employees and others (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) that Vector handles for services in sales and distribution of software through the Internet is crucial for Vector in fulfilling its societal responsibility. To fulfill this responsibility, Vector has established a management system for personal information protection based on the policies below and shall handle the personal information in an appropriate and safe manner.

  1. Vector shall establish a management system for personal information protection conforming to JIS Q15001 of the Japanese Industrial Standards and shall comply to and continuously improve the system. Furthermore, Vector shall adhere to laws, policies, and regulations for personal information protection stipulated by the Japan government.
  2. Vector shall clearly indicate the purpose of usage in advance and obtain consent to appropriately obtain personal information.
  3. Vector will not use personal information outside the scope of the purpose without obtaining consent from the relevant person in advance. Moreover, Vector shall implement measures to prevent any and all inappropriate usage of personal information.
  4. Vector shall provide a point of contact to receive and respond sincerely to complaints and inquiries regarding one’s own personal information.
  5. Vector shall safely accumulate and store obtained personal information under strictly controlled conditions by addressing its effort in preventing unauthorized access, loss of personal information, falsification, leakage, and other incidents and shall make corrections when necessary.

Date of enactment: October 22, 2004
Date of final revision: March 25, 2008

Vector Inc.
President and CEO: Nobuhiro Kajinami

Point of contact for personal information inquiries:
Vector Inc.
Customer Privacy Desk
5F Nishishinjuku KF Bldg., 8-14-24, Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan

Handling of personal information on Vector’s website

Vector pays the utmost attention to protecting your personal information in using its website by complying with the standard described below.

Personal Information

  • Purpose of usage of personal information
    The purpose of usage will be clearly indicated when collecting personal information for each service and consent will be obtained from the user.
  • Editing of personal information
    When personal information registered at each service needs to be updated or when a mistake is found with the information, the personal information will be revised within a reasonable period of time upon receipt of a user inquiry by the inquiry contact desk.
  • Disclosure of personal information to third parties
    In principle, users’ personal information will not be disclosed to third parties.
    However, some of the personal information obtained from a user may be publicized on the website depending on the service.
    Additionally, the personal information obtained from customers may be offered and outsourced to Vector’s business partners. In such cases, the scope of collection and disclosure of personal information will be indicated in sections of the service, such as the Terms of Use, Service Conditions, Use Agreement, and/or Precautions.

    Vector may disclose personal information in areas outside Vector’s service when required by law, when deemed necessary to disclose the information to protect the right and property of Vector, when a necessity arises to verify data of third parties under nondisclosure agreement, and in other exceptional cases.

  • Safety protection of personal information
    Vector has provided measures to protect customers’ personal information as indicated below.

    • Handled by exclusive staff
      Staff members of Vector who have adequate knowledge and experience in protecting the safety of personal information are appointed exclusively to handle customers’ personal information.
    • Secured website safety
      Vector’s website is monitored by Vector at any time to secure its safety. Moreover, any indication received from outside Vector regarding the safety of the website is responded to with utmost priority.
    • Management of information requiring special attention to safety
      Credit card information and other information that requires special attention to safety are managed in Vector’s dedicated server and protected in a system that does not allow any access from outside Vector.
  • Inquiries regarding disclosure of personal information
    For inquiries regarding disclosure of personal information (how to and where to inquire), please refer to Procedure for disclosure of personal information.
  • Inquiries regarding personal information
    For consultation and complaints regarding personal information, please contact the Customer Privacy Desk indicated below. Your inquiries will be responded to appropriately.

Vector Inc. Customer Privacy Desk
5F Nishishinjuku KF Bldg., 8-14-24, Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan


  • Use of cookies
    Cookies are used in the website of Vector. The purpose of usage is indicated below.

    • For access statistics
      A cookie is given to each browser accessed to the website of Vector to measure how many people are accessing the website.
    • To offer customized service
      Cookies are used to identify users and allow access to registered information of Vector. Certain services may not be accessible if cookies cannot be accepted.
    • For advertisements
      Vector may use cookies to provide more appropriate information for certain advertisements.

    For no purposes will Vector provide individual personal information obtained through cookies to third parties.

  • Acquisition of log data
    Log data of access and file download statuses of Vector’s website is acquired by Vector. The acquired log data is used only for statistical information and is not related to personal information. The acquired log data will not be publicized to third parties.
  • Personal information of minors
    When obtaining personal information from minors, the purpose of usage will be indicated with simple and clear expressions that minors can comprehend.
    Minors must obtain parental consent before sending personal information to Vector.
  • Partner of Vector and links
    Partner companies of Vector, websites and services of third-party companies, and companies that collect data through prize and sales promotion activities that users can access from Vector’s website have their own privacy policies and/or data collection policies independent from Vector.
    Vector is not liable or responsible for principles and activities independent from Vector. Please keep your password and registration information private. Furthermore, please be cautious with your handling of personal information while online.
  • General precaution
    Please be aware that personal information disclosed voluntarily on the Internet can be collected or used by other users. You may receive undesirable messages from others if your personal information is publicized on the Internet, which is accessible to any person. Vector is making efforts to protect personal information. However, Vector does not guarantee security when transmitting information. Please transmit information at your own risk.
  • Revision of the Privacy Policy
    Vector may revise the Privacy Policy when necessary. Vector will announce the revised portions of the Privacy Policy on the website for a certain period of time when an important revision is made.

Procedure for disclosure of personal information

When Vector receives inquiries including disclosure, modification, and suspension of personal information from a relevant person or proxy, the inquiry will be responded to within a reasonable scope and period of time. However, Vector will not be able to accept inquiries regarding disclosure under the conditions given below.

  • When the identification of the inquired person cannot be confirmed

    Furthermore, Vector may not be able to accept inquires regarding modification and suspension under the conditions indicated below.

    1. When the identification of the inquired person cannot be confirmed
    2. When it is against the law
    3. When there is a possibility of damaging the livelihood, body, property, and other rights of third person
    4. When there is a possibility of causing substantial disruptions to the adequate operation of Vector’s business activities
  • Items in the scope of disclosure
    The information that is in the scope of disclosure inquiry is the personal information stored in the database and information files of Vector that are organized in a searchable format.
  • Inquiry contact for disclosure
    Please contact the email address below for disclosure-related inquiries.