Q. When was the company established?
A. On Feb 2, 1989.
Q. Where can I find basic information about Vector?
A. Please visit “Corporate Profile”.
Q. What kind of services are you offering?
A. We are providing various services. The services include operation of a download site “Vector,” PC software download sales, online and mobile game operations, and advertisement services. For more details, please visit “About Vector”.
Q. Where can I find corporate history?
A. Please visit “History”.
Q. When was your stock first listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange?
A. We have gone public on the Osaka Stock Exchange since August 11, 2000.
Q. What are your latest financial results?
A. Financial information is stated in the “Financial Information”.
Q. When is your fiscal year-end?
A. March 31. However, the announcement of financial statement is released by quarterly period. Please visit “IR Calendar” for the schedule.
Q. Where can I see financial data such as interim reports and annual report?
A. The financial data is provided only in Japanese. Please visit “IR Library” on Japanese site.
Q. What is Vector Inc.’s securities code?
A. 2656.
Q. What is Vector Inc.’s shareholder composition?
A. Please visit “Stock Information” for the details.
Q. Is there a shareholder special benefit plan?
A. Please visit “Preferential Treatment” for the details.
Q. Please tell me more about common stock for treaty.
A. Please visit “Acquisition of Treaty Stock” for the details.
Q. Where can I find the future IR related schedule?
A. Please visit “IR Calendar” for the details.
Q. Where is the contact address for IR issues?
A. Please refer to “Contact Us”.

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