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This Website has been established for investors who wish to view Vector Inc. corporate information on the Internet. In order to achieve the impartial disclosure of information, Vector Inc. endeavors to present all relevant information as soon as possible after disclosure on this Website; however, because the presentation of information may be delayed, the disclosure of information on this Website is positioned to play a supplementary role.

We may change any of the information without notice. We may also suspend or stop the operation of the site. Any of the information provided is not guaranteed to be perfect, accurate, applicable or useful, whether it is indicated or implied. We will not take any responsibility for your using or not using any of the information on this site nor for your damage caused by the use of any of the information.

This site contains statements pertaining to future business performance. These do not guarantee business performance; they carry ricks, and include uncertainties. Thus, we recommend that you do not depend exclusively upon these predictions. Future business performance may differ from these and other predictions due to such causes as changes in the business environment.

No guarantee, either implicit or explicit, is made pertaining to the accuracy, completeness, up-to-dateness, or quality of the contents of this site. Vector Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damages resulting from contents obtained from this site or from being unable to use this site.


Copyrights to information contained in this Web site belong to Vector Inc. and information provides thereto, and you are prohibited from any unauthorized duplication, quotation, transfer, distribution, presentation, modification, correction, or addition regardless of the purpose.

Any use of content in this Web site is allowed when such use is deemed as “duplication for personal use” as permitted under Japanese Copyright Law, or is allowed under any applicable copyright law in respective jurisdiction. Any other use requires our license. To apply for a license from Vector, contact us through “Contact.”


If you would like to link to our Web site, please submit the request to us in advance. In your request, provide your name, contact (address, telephone number, and e-mail address), URL of the Web site from which you wish to link to this Web site, content of the Web site, and purpose of the link. Even if we do not respond to your request, this does not constitute our acknowledgment of the link. As a rule, is the only URL with which you may link to this Web site.

We will refuse the following links or any similar links:

  1. Links from sites that slander or defame Vector Inc., its affiliate, or its officer or employee
  2. Links from sites that violate public order or those that damage the reputation or dignity of Vector Inc.
  3. Links that use framing or any other form that damages the clarity of our Web site.
  4. Links that may suggest any affiliation or cooperation between Vector Inc. and you even those that we had authorized, when we find them to be inappropriate.

Requests for license from Vector should be submitted from “Contact.”

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This Site is managed and maintained by Vector. Although this Site can be accessed from countries around the world with differing laws, users of this Site and Vector both agree that the use of this Site is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan and the regulations of the city of Tokyo.
Vector makes no statement, indication or representation about whether the content of this Site is compatible with the environment of users who accesses this Site. Users who access this Site do so of their own free will, and the users who access this Site are responsible for the use of this Site.
Unless stipulated otherwise, the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial for all disputes in connection with all controversies and disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this Site.

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