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Notice of Transfer of Online Game Business


Vector, Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Nobuhiro Kajinami) announces a transfer process of the online game business has been completed on May 8, 2019.

1. Reason for transfer of business
We started the online game business in 2006, and have been engaged in business for PC games, mobile phone games and smartphone games. However, sales in the game business have continued to decline due to intensifying competition in the market for smartphone games and the shrinking of the PC game market. Therefore, we decided that it would be difficult to improve our business results and decided to transfer the online game business.

2. Overview of business transfer
A) Transferred game title
We transferred the goodwill of assets related to “GODIUS”, “Divine Grimoire”, “SORA-NOVA”, “DRAGONIC AGE”, “HEXA WARS”, “LEGEND of ASTERIA” and “DRAGON REVENGE”operated by our company.
In addition, we transferred the goodwill of other companies’ game titles for the game
portal site “Vector Game” operated by our company.
B) Assets and liabilities of the online game business Asset…Software(value is zero.)
C) Transfer price and payment method
Receive a portion of online game sales in cash for a fixed period of time after transfer.

3. Transferee Overview
A) Company Name: Lions Film Co., Ltd.
B) Address: 2-10-10 Tachikawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
C) Representative: President and Representative Director Takeshi Mori
D) Business description: Online game business, content production and distribution business, drone business
E) Capital: 50 million yen
F) Date of establishment: April 1, 2009

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