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Top Message

PresidentVector Inc.’s mission is to keep providing “Convenience” and “Enjoyment” of various services into many people’s daily life. We were pleased to celebrate the 30 anniversary in February 2019.

1st Stage: Software Publishing Business

As the first business, Vector published “Free Software Shareware PACK 2000” in the summer of 1994. It was a paper book with CD-ROM including the collection of many kinds of software. We had operated this business for five years as our first main business.

2nd Stage: Software Download Services

As the internet become widespread, we decided to end up the paper book based distribution and switched to the distribution through internet. We have started this service in 1995, when internet was in the predawn.

Because we have started this service at the very beginning of the internet world, we could have acquired the position as the dominant player in Japan. Currently, the number of free software and shareware introduced in our site is over 120 thousand, and the accumulated total downloads is over 1.9 billion. We have kept being the largest software -download- service provider in Japan.

3rd Stage: Online Games Business

Stages 1 and 2 provided “convenience” to help find new software when needed. Now, as the third business, we focused on the online game business to provide “fun” to many customers.

A client-server based online game service was launched in July 2006. In April 2009, we launched a browser game service named “Vector Game”, the first web game portal site in Japan.

In August 2009, we launched our first mobile online game and entered the mobile online game business.

The next deployment

Existing business
We will operate the business with the aim of maximizing operating profits by implementing measures to increase profits on the premise of achieving investment recoup and operating profitability and reducing costs through efficiency.

New business
In line with the expansion of the smartphone market, we are planning to develop and provide new services without being bound by the business domains that we previously provided.

Without being satisfied with the current situation, we will continue to have an improvement and strive to improve corporate value.

Nobuhiro Kajinami
September, 2019

Action policy

Together with society

Vector Inc. will become a reliable company by observing social ethics and implementing sound corporate activities, while helping to build a better society through corporate activities.

Together with our customers

Vector Inc. will aim to always provide highly satisfactory services to our customers by capturing their needs precisely from customers’ perspectives.

Together with our shareholders

Not being satisfied with the present situation, Vector Inc. will make efforts to raise the corporate value while always being aware of the need to create and to improve.
We will also strive to increase confidence in our company by appropriately managing and disclosing information.

Together with our employees

We here at Vector support all employees in their endeavors and foster the development of their abilities so that we all may realize our goals and grow together.

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